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Imagine with us.

Think about you or your daughter.

We all came into this life with a dream and a fire in our hearts to achieve it. If you're reading this, you know that. You also know that the only things standing in the way of reaching these dreams are not knowing how or not having the confidence to get there. We may not talk about this dream because of fear it is perceived as "not normal" or "too big." We fear not being capable of gaining the knowledge or resources to achieve these dreams and in turn, feels like we aren't good enough. This may be true for you reading or for the girls in your life. 


When we learn how to find our voices again, we are no longer scared of the ups and downs of reaching goals. Our voices are unique and hold power.

Your voice needs to be heard. The girls' voices in your life need to be heard. 

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Find Your Voice

A workshop series for girls to discover, own, and use their voices to change the world and put their ideas into action.

For Middle School Girls Ages 10 -13 

For High School Girls 14 - 18

Who is it for?

What We Do In The Workshops

Vintage Mic

Singing and Songwriting

Girls learn:

  • Proper Breathing Technique 

  • Ear Training

  • Performance Skills 

  • Stage Presence

  • How to express herself on paper

  • Song Structure

  • Rhyming and Rhyme Schemes



Girls will explore:

  • Business Models

  • Marketing Framework

  • Creating an Idea

  • Design Thinking

  • Pitching

  • Planning

  • Organizing

  • Time Management


Leadership Development

Girls will grow:

  • Value Mapping

  • Self-Expression

  • Owning Your Voice

  • Self-Acceptance

  • Resilience

  • Goals

  • Self-Confidence

The workshop series equips and inspires girls to use their voices to change the world how they see fit.



After years of keeping our voices silent, we found the power, passion, and purpose to speak up again. Nikki and Jill have gone through a journey that should not be part of the dream process.


That's where Find Your Voice was born. 

The workshop series dismantles negative self-talk, grows singing and songwriting skillsets, and introduces the craft of entrepreneurship in how to put goals into action. 


Jill Hoffmann

Jill was born with fire in her heart and uses her voice to show it. Diving into the music industry since she was young, she moved to Los Angeles to intern at Atlantic Records to learn the in and out of the music industry. After moving up to a leadership role while still showcasing her artistry over the last 10 years, she wanted to do more. She recently moved back to Chicago to serve as a vocal coach and mentor and conducts workshops like Find Your Voice to inspire girls. 

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Nikki grew up in the Chicago suburbs and questioned “the ways things were” at the ripe age of 12. Labeled the “overachiever,” she learned these manifested into curious, lifelong learner, creative, and change disruptor in adult terms. She comes alive when working with others to find their purpose. That’s why she became a career and purpose life coach. After working with and researching startups and innovation around the world, she started a change management consulting firm, EduFluent which serves industries around the world. 


Current Workshops

12 Week Series Middle School 

Ages 10 - 13

  • Mondays and Wednesdays

  • 4-5 pm CST

  • 15 min 1:1 Bi-Weekly

  • Conducted on Zoom

12 Week Series High School 

Ages 14 - 18

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • 4-5 pm CST

  • 15 min 1:1 Bi-Weekly

  • Conducted on Zoom

Personalized Workshop

  • Customized workshop 

  • Price quoted for each engagement




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